Three Things Every Business Owner should Know about Digital Marketing

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Digital Marketing Tools

Much has been written about how small business can leverage digital tools and channels to communicate with customers and introduce the world to their brand.  This short blog post isn’t meant to be a comprehensive study in digital, but can point out three critical items no business should ignore.  


  • Be Found Easily



    1. Content is King


  1. Don’t Forget About Mobile


Be Found Where Your Customers are Searching  

According to digital marketing platform provider HubSpot’s 2017 survey, 71% of B2B buyers begin their search for a provider with a generic search, and on average, search up to 12 times before engaging with a specific provider’s brand!  If your business isn’t doing everything it can to optimize your online presence, you’re missing the boat.  

Create and Publish Compelling Content.

Customers are making buying decisions by searching for thought leaders in your category.  Nearly half of buyers searched between 3 and 5 pieces of unique content when searching for a product or service provider in 2015 (Demand Gen Report 2016).  Producing original and informative content about your industry, your company and your products engages customers.  Blogs, whitepapers, video content, and even podcasts should all be on your marketing radar. As blogger Isabella Caprario mentions in her article “How to Start a Small Business at Home“, branding is always crucial, and will need to be a big part of your content strategy.

Mobile is Coming for Your Industry

Desktop dominance won’t last forever.  Google gives us some compelling stats about mobile commerce:

  • 75% of GMail messages are read on smartphones.  
  • Over 80% of Google search revenue comes from searches on Apple mobile devices
  • 82% of smartphone users say they consult their device before making a purchase in a retail store
  • And more than one-third of all online purchases are now made on mobile devices

So make sure your online presence is optimized for mobile – responsive web pages and mobile-friendly email are two simple steps you can take.  

These ideas are just a start, but a great working knowledge about digital marketing is a must for any business owners’ toolkit.

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