Unique Small Business Loan Alternatives for Women-Owned Businesses

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Two businesswomen using a digital tablet together during a collaboration at work.

It seems like now more than ever, women are taking charge—harnessing their entrepreneurial spirit and opening their own businesses—officially bucking the trend of working for the man. While this makes it sound like women are finally getting ahead by creating their own job opportunities, they still face some challenges obtaining the funding needed to help their businesses get off the … Read More

How to Make Current Employees Brand Advocates

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A business’s best untapped resource for its brand is its own employees. They make up the faces that customers associate with a brand, whether negatively or positively. So, businesses should put their employees at the forefront of satisfaction efforts so they will want to become brand advocates. Build Brand Loyalty Building brand loyalty among employees isn’t an easy task and … Read More

Women-Owned Small Businesses Continue to Grow, But There’s a Catch…

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Small businesses that are owned by women continually succeed in revenue and earnings generated, but still struggle to grow at the same rate as their male-owned counterparts. The presence of the gender gap in small businesses is felt, as it much harder for women entrepreneurs to gain the necessary capital to expand their businesses.