How to Set Up Credit Card Payments for Your Small Business

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A person holding out a debit card.

While we don’t yet live in a cashless society, we are certainly on our way there. Credit cards heralded the beginning of the cashless revolution, with fast, secure and convenient digital payments following closely on their tails. For a small business looking to make money in store and online, the ability to accept credit card payments is essential. But how … Read More

Is Your Business Battling Credit Card Processing Fees? Penalizing Your Employees Is Not the Solution

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Credit card processing fees can be a confusing whirlwind for business owners, making the possibility of overpaying extremely likely. Researching and understanding what each provider has to offer puts you in control of how much your business will spend, the way your community views your establishment and employee satisfaction.

Small Businesses Adding Jobs as Economy Strengthens: Time to Consider a Merchant Capital Advance?

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U.S. job growth showed strong, positive signs as 2013 drew to a close, indicating that small business owners are more confident in economic recovery. Is your small business prepared financially for growth in 2014? Will you be able to add jobs along with the rest of the small business service sector?

Merchant Cash Advance – Understanding Repayment.

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There’s a lot of press out there about merchant cash advances – both good and bad. One of the biggest factors that may determine if a merchant cash advance is good for your business is being educated about the product. There are many types or merchant cash advances with slightly different features. As a business owner, you need to understand … Read More

Why Your Business Should Accept Credit Cards.

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As a business owner, you may sometimes wonder if accepting credit card payments are worth the cost. After all, it does add to your expense column. You have to buy or lease the card processing equipment, you may need to change your accounting system, you need to train employees on how to handle payment, validate identification and prevent fraud, and … Read More