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Wellen Capital provides small businesses with easy, accessible, non-bank cash funding. Our experience helping businesses in dozens of industries enables us to understand and support your unique business needs. Check out your industry below to find out more.


Restauranteurs know how hard it is to acquire capital for fixtures and equipment, renovations and upgrades, or marketing and advertising. At Wellen, we specialize in funding restaurants.

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Whether it's an inventory purchase, staffing needs, additional marketing, or FF&E for the store, an advance from Wellen fits retail cash flow needs and supports your growing business.

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Trucking and Carriers

Capital Advances aren't just for B2C businesses. Carriers and transporters use our capital as a way to accelerate expected future revenue, and bridge gaps in cash flow.

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Service Providers

Service businesses often use advances from Wellen to even out the ups and downs of billing and payments cycles, ensuring that enough cash is available to meet critical needs.


Providers' offices, in-home services, imaging and diagnostics businesses all use capital advance as a solution when additional funds are needed for business and patient development.

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Software and Technology

Technology companies know that access to ready capital is often the difference between success and failure. An advance from Wellen is the perfect way to get that extra boost innovators need to invest in new technologies and expand their business.

"Wellen has been a fantastic partner for my business. I would recommend them to any business owner seeking short-term capital!"Zachary Fiddle, Cap Front

How it works

Wellen Capital provides small businesses with easy, accessible, non-bank cash funding. Our mission is to give small businesses the capital they need to address current issues, take advantage of opportunities, and power continued growth.
An advance from Wellen keeps you in control of your company’s cash flow. Advances are not loans, but are a purchase of some of your business’ future revenue. Wellen’s advances are easy to understand, and have no hidden fees. Call us at 888-963-6130 or apply now. There's no obligation and it will not affect your credit.

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