Technology Upgrades for Your Small Business

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The 2016 Consumer Electronics Show provided small business owners with a number of new technologies to boost productivity and save your small businesses money.Every January, entrepreneurs can discover new technologies to improve their business—all at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Here is a round-up of some best picks for small business owners. Perhaps it’s time to consider one of these new tech advances to boost productivity, improve storage space, and save your business money:

You will never run out of storage space on your mobile device with Robin by Nextbit, the new Android phone that can be applied to any mobile carrier. Once your 32GB storage space fills up, Robin will automatically move the least utilized applications into the cloud to free up space on your phone.

CES also saw the emergence of a new search engine called that can help you search for patents like a professional, with the capability to run searches by full document, rather than just key words or phrases. costs nothing and only runs searches through free, open content databases like Wikipedia and the U.S. Patent Office. Within the coming years, however, a paid version will be available to small business owners that will expand its search capabilities to paid databases.

If you work in an open office space, regularly visits loud environments such as construction sites, or frequently has difficulty holding phone conversations, you should consider Job Site Ear Buds from Tough Tested. These ear buds are specifically designed to drown out outside noise and allow users to hold phone conversations even in the loudest environments.

You might also consider downloading a new application available for Android and iOS devices called Speedify Mobile from Connectify, Inc. Speedify Mobile automatically manages the combination of mobile data and Wi-Fi networks to make sure your phone operates at the fastest speed when bouncing between faint Wi-Fi signals and your carrier’s mobile data.

Small business owners may also love Ditto, which makes sure you never miss important calls or texts. Ditto is a small piece of technology, about the size of a bottle cap, that can go in your pocket or clip discreetly on your clothing. It vibrates when you receive important phone calls or texts. If you are a small business owner who does not constantly carry your phone, or if you need to know when specific people call or text you, you can program Ditto to alert you to these VIPs.

Travel a lot? Bluesmart Carry-on features real time location tracking so you can always know where your luggage is.

If you feel like any one or a combination of these technologies would benefit your business practices to boost productivity and save your small business money, a capital advance can help fund these new investments for your business and employees.

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