Restaurant Industry Plays Major Role in Jump Starting Careers and Building Economy

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The restaurant industry provides so many people with that first chance to jump-start their careers. Entry-level positions teach workers a skillset that can be applied to a number of careers, and we must continue to invest in the restaurant industry to continue this education.

It is no secret that a large portion of American workers got their first job working in the food industry, whether working in fast food, a family owned restaurant, or a large franchise. The restaurant industry is a major driving force in the American economy. National Restaurant Association President and CEO Dawn Sweeney and National Retail Federation President and CEO Matthew Shay said in a recently published op-ed in The Hill, “The service industry is a place of opportunity for the young and experienced alike. It is where people with little to no applicable work experience can learn life skills and advance their careers. These business are a classroom for any career, teaching focus, teamwork, time management, and much more.”

The entry level positions that the service industry provides gives a wide variety of Americans the necessary opportunity to build their resume to pursue a successful career. While the skills gained through working in the restaurant industry can be applied to a number of career paths, a large amount of success stories can be found through individuals who decide to remain in the service industry. Sweeney and Shay tell the story of a high school graduate from California who worked part-time restaurant gigs, received a considerable amount of money through scholarships to put him through culinary school, and ultimately became an executive chef at a restaurant in his hometown. Success stories such as this one are not uncommon in the restaurant industry, and the number of opportunities presented to young people in the service industry is truly outstanding.

Investing in the restaurant industry is investing in the future of the American economy, and restaurants are one of the prime locations for great success through a capital advance. If your restaurant needs in an influx of capital to boost growth and provide more jobs and opportunity to potential employees, a capital advance can provide you with such resources. Sweeney and Shay state in their op-ed, “At a time when the nation’s youth unemployment rate stands at more than 20 percent, service industries are stepping up to the plate, jump-starting careers, and training America’s workforce. Over the next few years, the service industry is expected to add millions of jobs.” A capital advance can help your restaurant continue on this trajectory, so analyze your financial situation to see if a capital advance will be the right addition to your financing mix.

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