What Good Is Money After Superstorm Sandy?

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A special note from the Vice President of Wellen Capital, Steven O’Connor.

The biggest challenge caused by Superstorm Sandy on the east coast is a lack of access. You can’t travel damaged streets. You can’t withdraw funds from non-functioning ATMs. You can’t get electricity due to downed power lines. Can money help this isolation? Money for your business doesn’t help with all the problems created by Superstorm Sandy or the subsequent storm. After all, it doesn’t help with customers not being able to reach you due to road closures; it doesn’t help… with downed power lines, and it doesn’t help with empty pumps at gas stations. But getting capital can help some businesses.

How Money Can Help With Relief and Rebuilding.

Money can help replenish perishable foods at the restaurant that’s been able to offer some service and provide a place to gather for locals. It can help to buy replacement inventory at bars where people can catch the local news or warm up with a drink. It can help pay bills until the insurance kicks in, for businesses offering a place to stay warm or free charging stations for cell phones and laptops, so people stay connected with friends and family.

For those who have even partial access, whose property was not destroyed and can open your doors, the corner stores, local shops and grocery stores, money can help you purchase temporary inventory. If you have access to purchase inventory, the following emergency supplies are in huge demand, even if they’re not on your usual inventory sheet: blankets, first aid kits, generators, shovels, dishes, bottled water, flashlights, candles, portable heaters, boots, socks and mittens.

Access A Merchant Cash Advance When Other Options Aren’t Available.

Whether you sell it or give it away, the supplies can help those in need. If you do need to purchase these supplies, to pay for repairs, to replace kitchen equipment, tables, chairs, pay temporary staff, or cover other unexpected expenses, we can help. Your local banks and merchant cash advance providers may be offline – also affected by the storms. If you need money for your business immediately, our merchant capital advance can help. The application process is quick and easy – which is a significant benefit when time is of the essence.

East Coast, we wish you a speedy recovery. Our donations, our thoughts, and our efforts are with you, and we are rooting for you to pull through stronger than ever! We urge those who can, to donate to the Red Cross or other relief agencies and volunteer for cleanup efforts if you can.


Steve O’Connor

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