Gibraltar Capital Advance is now Wellen Capital

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Announces WellenScore Application Scoring System

Chicago, IL – June 4, 2018.  Today, Gibraltar Capital Advance announced they have changed their name to Wellen Capital, LLC.  Following the successful sale of related company Gibraltar Business Capital, LLC in February of this year, parent company TZ Mountain Capital Holdings, LLC began the process of re-branding Gibraltar Capital Advance.

Wellen is a data-enabled direct funding source in the merchant and business capital advance market.  Since its founding in 2012, the company has experienced robust and steady growth, establishing itself as a leader in the small business finance market.

“The Gibraltar name has been well-regarded as a leader in the alternative finance market for many years.  We entrust it to our former colleagues at Gibraltar Business Capital, knowing they’ll successfully carry the brand’s tradition forward” said Jim Teppen, President of Wellen.  “We look forward to continuing to serve our customers, sales partners, and investors under a new name that we think embodies the values and culture of our company” said Teppen.

Along with the announcement of the new identity, Wellen is announcing the launch of WellenScore – a custom machine-learning based system for quickly and consistently conducting diligence reviews of small business funding applications.  “The WellenScore system allows us to accurately analyze hundreds of individual elements of an application, and provide a decision back to our sales partners much more quickly than ever.” said Ed Job, Wellen’s Chief Operating Officer.  “Our process leverages automation and data-enabled decisions, but isn’t just a ‘black box’” said Job.  “Good funding decisions are made by working with our sales partners to gather needed data, and decide how to best structure a capital solution for our customers.”

About Wellen:  Wellen Capital, LLC is a leading provider of working capital solutions to U.S. small businesses.  Headquartered in Chicago, Wellen’s principal equityholders are Satori Capital, LLC of Dallas, TX and CCCC Growth Fund, LLC. of South Pasadena, CA.

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