Four Strategies To Improve Incoming Cash Flow.

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Cash. It’s the blood in your business’ veins. It’s what keeps your company going. You need to take in some money, and you need to put out some money in order to run a successful business. Now there are a lot of complicated explanations of cash flow management, but we’re going to simplify it for you: You need to take … Read More

What Good Is Money After Superstorm Sandy?

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A special note from the Vice President of Wellen Capital, Steven O’Connor. The biggest challenge caused by Superstorm Sandy on the east coast is a lack of access. You can’t travel damaged streets. You can’t withdraw funds from non-functioning ATMs. You can’t get electricity due to downed power lines. Can money help this isolation? Money for your business doesn’t help … Read More

Are Merchant Cash Advances Your “Last Resort” Funding? We think not.

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In the recent past, the words “merchant cash advance” conjured up images of desperate business owners, shifty salesmen and expensive money. Many see a business advance as a “last resort” funding option after all others, business loans, lines-of-credit, credit cards, borrowing from friends and family, have been exhausted. But the truth is that the merchant cash advance industry is a … Read More

Get Money And Make Money For Your Business.

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Nothing beats running your own business. You’re the boss. Your destiny is in your own hands. But once business starts to take off, so do your expenses, you take on more staff, diversify your products and enter new markets – which translates into payroll, buying inventory or new equipment, marketing, renovations, real estate, licensing and more. All of these expenses … Read More

First Class Funding – The Value of Convenience.

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Let’s cut to the chase and talk about the ‘negatives’ regarding a merchant cash advance. The biggest objection is price – a merchant advance is expensive money. We’re not going to dispute this fact, at least not for our product; rather we want to tell you what you’re paying for – convenience. • When you want to go from Chicago … Read More

Get Money And Advice To Grow And Sustain Your Business.

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Welcome to the Wellen Capital blog. We’re in the business of getting you money. How? We’re a merchant cash advance company that offers an effective and lucrative way for small and midsized business to manage their cash flow. We work with all kinds of businesses including local retailers, restaurants, automotive services, and others across a wide range of industries. We … Read More