Merchant Cash Advance – Understanding Repayment.

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There’s a lot of press out there about merchant cash advances – both good and bad. One of the biggest factors that may determine if a merchant cash advance is good for your business is being educated about the product. There are many types or merchant cash advances with slightly different features. As a business owner, you need to understand … Read More

Why Your Business Should Accept Credit Cards.

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As a business owner, you may sometimes wonder if accepting credit card payments are worth the cost. After all, it does add to your expense column. You have to buy or lease the card processing equipment, you may need to change your accounting system, you need to train employees on how to handle payment, validate identification and prevent fraud, and … Read More

Good Business Investments For A Merchant Cash Advance.

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A merchant cash advance is an excellent alternative funding source to add to your current mix of loans, lines of credits, credit cards and personal financing. Businesses like them because of the simplicity in securing capital. Capital advance providers typically don’t ask for a business plan, and they usually do not require collateral. Your credit score does not have to … Read More

Sorry, But Your Business Doesn’t Qualify For A Merchant Cash Advance

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Merchant cash advances have been gaining in popularity as an alternative lending source to small business as credit remains tight. Big players like Amazon and American Express are getting into the business.  Many businesses that have used a merchant advance in the past use the product over and over to even out cash flow. But some businesses have nothing good to … Read More

The Daily Deal – Friend Or Foe Of The Small Business?

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Groupon. LivingSocial. Gilt Groupe. There are few advertising options that garner as much praise and poison at the daily deal provider. They’re heralded as traffic generators in one breath, and small business destroyers in the next. What is their attraction? The most obvious benefit to the daily deal is traffic generation. Overall, almost 80 percent of daily deal traffic comes … Read More

Complaints – Average Businesses Ignore Them. Exceptional Businesses Don’t

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Customer reviews can make or break a business, especially when shared online on a public forum like Yelp, Tripadvisor , Twitter, or even Facebook. Almost 8 in 10 online Americans between the ages 18 and 64 agree that online reviews influence their purchase decision.  This all sounds exciting until your business gets negative press.

Restaurant Expense Cuts That Cost You Customers

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$1.8 billion. That’s the typical sales for the entire restaurant industry on any given day in 2013. That sounds like a lot of money doesn’t it. But as a restaurant owner or manager, you know the truth – restaurants are high-expense businesses. Full-service restaurants typically pull in margins of only 2-5 percent. According to the 2010 Operations Report by the … Read More

If You Build It, They Will Come…If They Can Find You.

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The key to a successful business is the ability to be found by your potential customers. There are two critical locations for which they search: the location where they can transact business, and the location where they can find out more information about your business and your solutions. Investing to ensure your business found can open doors to increased revenues, … Read More