Restaurant Sales Following Earlier Predictions, and the Results are Promising

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Restaurant sales are on the rise, and it’s time for your restaurant to embrace this trend immediately. The economy cannot do this on its own, though, and there are things you, as a restaurant owner, can do to continually boost sales. However, new business models require funding, and a capital advance could be the solution you need.

Is Your Business Battling Credit Card Processing Fees? Penalizing Your Employees Is Not the Solution

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Credit card processing fees can be a confusing whirlwind for business owners, making the possibility of overpaying extremely likely. Researching and understanding what each provider has to offer puts you in control of how much your business will spend, the way your community views your establishment and employee satisfaction.

Restaurateurs | To Go Debt Free, or Not to Go Debt Free?

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Some restaurants are going debt-free, but does that make sense for your business? Although some debt is decidedly “bad debt,” other investments can help accelerate your restaurant’s growth. Careful consideration of debt options is essential; read on for questions you can ask for a quick debt self-evaluation.

Small Businesses | Keeping Hiring Practices Legal

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As your small business gains traction in this economy, you may find that it’s time to add employees. We wrote in February about ways you can find and attract the right employees for your business, which is a critical first step toward expanding your headcount. But whether your small business is growing from one or two employees, or from 50 … Read More