Restaurateurs | To Go Debt Free, or Not to Go Debt Free?

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Some restaurants are going debt-free, but does that make sense for your business? Although some debt is decidedly “bad debt,” other investments can help accelerate your restaurant’s growth. Careful consideration of debt options is essential; read on for questions you can ask for a quick debt self-evaluation.

A Single Digit Percentage Can Double Your Restaurant Profits

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A Restaurant Report article demonstrates how a restaurant can double its profit margin when it cuts expenses by a single digit percentage point. The authors assert that the “restaurant industry is a penny business—some would even say a half-penny business,” and as a result, cost-cutting strategies can be tricky. Restaurant owners are rightfully reluctant to sacrifice quality menu items and … Read More

Sustainability Doesn’t Always Mean Energy-Efficiency: Reducing Food Waste Has Economic Benefits for Restaurant Owners

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In the restaurant business, food is money. Reducing the amount of wasted food in your restaurant reduces the amount of wasted money in your business’s cost structure. But there are other ways that reduced food waste contributes to reduced operating costs.

Serve Up a Great Meal and a Strong Financial Plan

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In September 2013, QSR wrote, “in the quick-service industry, the path to success is straightforward: offering good-tasting, quality food prepared quickly in a clean and courteous environment.” That seems clear enough; quick-service and fast-casual restaurants got into business with this objective at the top of their lists.

Merchant Cash Advance – Understanding Repayment.

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There’s a lot of press out there about merchant cash advances – both good and bad. One of the biggest factors that may determine if a merchant cash advance is good for your business is being educated about the product. There are many types or merchant cash advances with slightly different features. As a business owner, you need to understand … Read More

Good Business Investments For A Merchant Cash Advance.

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A merchant cash advance is an excellent alternative funding source to add to your current mix of loans, lines of credits, credit cards and personal financing. Businesses like them because of the simplicity in securing capital. Capital advance providers typically don’t ask for a business plan, and they usually do not require collateral. Your credit score does not have to … Read More