Capital Advance

  • Business Capital When You Need It

    Cashflow is the lifeblood of small business. You need liquidity today to fuel tomorrow’s growth. An advance from Wellen keeps you in control of your company’s cash flow.

  • It's Not About Collateral

    Advances are not loans, but are actually a purchase of some of your business’ future revenue. As those revenues come into the business, a manageable portion is delivered back to us. Simple.

  • Simple Structure, Simple Fees

    Wellen’s advances are easy to understand, and have no hidden fees. We’ll show you how much we’ll advance, and how much you’ll return to us. The difference is the cost to you. Simple.

How To Get Started

  • See How Much Capital Your Business May Qualify For

    Click the Get Started button to go to our Capital Advance Calculator

  • Tell Us About Your Business

    The application process is simple, and usually requires just the documents you already have on hand.

  • Get Funded!

    Most approved applications are processed and funded within 24 hours.

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“I took over a restaurant that was in dire need of a renovation. To do so, I needed capital above what my bank had provided to me. An advance with Wellen allowed me to quickly complete construction.”

– JoJo Oliphant, Bell the Cat

“I was new to alternative financing – Wellen made me feel confident that the advance they were providing me would allow me to repair equipment and improve the customer experience.”

– Stephan Cote